Join us Thursday, March 30, 2017

as hundreds of students bring the student loan debt crisis to albany, new york!

6:30AM - Departure from NYC  (131 West 33rd Street,  New York, NY  10001)
10:00AM - Arrive in Albany, Legislative Office Building
4:00PM   - Departure from Albany

Our coalition (List in formation)

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Tajzhane Green

Undergraduate Student Buffalo State College

“I'm an undergraduate at Buffalo State College and I know all too well the burden of school loans as I've had to take a semester off to work to pay for school. I am a Panamanian American, a proud Brooklynite and I know all too well that higher education is the pathway to opportunity and is an absolute necessity if I, a woman of color hope to succeed. I am happy to join and support the CORE Coalition. I hope that the state legislature, students and advocates hear us loud and clear! We need to dig deep and figure out what the future of our state would look like if we continue to burden hard working students, citizens, and young black women like me - a child of immigrants with this insurmountable student loan debt.”

United Students of NYC

Hebh Jamal

High School Student and Co-Founder of United Students of NYC

"The rapid increase in tuition makes us worry more about getting a well paying job, instead of how we can contribute to the public good. School is no longer about wanting to be creative or innovative, but how to market oneself."

Zakiyah Ansari

Advocacy Director, Alliance for Quality Education & Member of CUNY Rising Alliance

"Governor Cuomo's education proposals continue to fall short at providing the necessary investments to aid those most in need. Unfortunately the same stands true for his higher education proposals. If Cuomo were the progressive he keeps claiming he wants to be he would pass CORE, a program that would be transformative to low income and working class families."

Kevin Stump

Northeast Director of Young Invincibles.

"Structural disinvestment from our state's public higher education system has caused tuition to skyrocket, and the state's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has remained woefully inadequate. It's time for our elected leaders to change course and expand TAP so more students get more aid. This includes New York's undocumented students,"

Hawk Newsome

Leader for Black Lives Matter of Greater NY

 "I spent almost two decades as a student. The skills I acquired have prepared me for public service work. I am an educator and community leader, and I currently lead Black Lives Matter of Greater NY.  The Bronx, where I call home, has the lowest educational attainment of any borough. This means that a pathway to college is almost impossible for many. Although I was able to graduate college, I now face a different challenge: I may never pay off my $200,000 in student loan debt. As a public servant navigating the increasing cost of living in our city, myself, and others like me, are left facing a severe deficit. It is very discouraging that the average student acquires $32,000 in school loan debt, while families in my community survive with annual salaries which are half of that amount. I call on the state legislature to fix the TAP Gap and provide all New Yorkers regardless of race, religion, or creed a fair and equal shot at success.”

Josefina Urbaez

Member, Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Inc.

"I am a proud alumni of SUNY Old  Westbury and a sister of Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated. I graduated in May 2016 with a bachelors in criminology with the goal of working in forensic pathology. But my dreams were quickly  dampened by the reality of massive student loan debt. I currently have approximately  $30,000 in loans. I support CORE because I believe education should be accessible and affordable to all New Yorkers. It is time our governor and legislature stand with students and invest in our futures, and the future of our state. "

Steve Choi

Executive Director, New York Immigration Coalition

“The NYIC is committed to supporting our next generation of leaders - New York's college students, including the state's 400,000 immigrant college students and our undocumented students as well. Given the rise in the cost of living and tuition costs, we’re standing with our allies to demand that New York’s elected officials increase college opportunity and resources for all New York's college students - ultimately helping them earn their degrees, get strong jobs and take New York State to the next level.”