Marisol Alcantara | ( D ) 31ST SENATE DISTRICT

“Many New York graduates are saddled with burdensome student loans that hinder their future success and hurt our economy. The Tuition Assistance Program is New York's flagship college assistance program, but maximum awards have not kept up with quickly rising tuition costs. Awards are also denied entirely to undocumented students, who deserve the chance to pursue an education and career in our state. I am proud that the Independent Democratic Conference and the New York Immigration Coalition have come together to support reforming and expanding this program, both by raising maximum available benefits and by extending eligibility to undocumented immigrants. The CORE legislative package, which is substantially similar to the IDC's College Affordability for All proposal, will provide students with much-needed assistance that will enable them to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to the economic life of our state.”




Jose Peralta  | ( D, WF ) 13TH SENATE DISTRICT

For years, I have been fighting to allow undocumented college students to access the Tuition Assistance Program. As part of my efforts, I have for years sponsored the DREAM Act in the Senate, legislation that will provide public financial assistance to New Yorkers, regardless of their immigration status. I support the CORE package, as well as the broader College Affordability Plan recently unveiled by the Independent Democratic Conference.”

Carmen De La Rosa.png


Carmen N. De La Rosa | Assembly District 72

“As the first member of my family who graduated from college that has witnessed the struggles of a working family to invest in their children education, I am heartened to advocate in support of reforming our higher education system to become more accessible and affordable for all. Higher education should not equate a lifetime debt; it should indeed promote a path to success. It is statistically proven that students are taking longer to graduate and students with fewer resources are discouraged from pursuing a higher education because of the lack of funding for programs that ease their path to achieving higher education. New York State is very competitive and I firmly believe that a level investment in education will result in a surplus of individuals capable to uplift our communities. The students who benefit will consequently make sound contributions to society at large." said Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa.



Yuh-Line Niou | Assembly District 65

“College accessibility is critical in developing a strong middle class, and I will continue to push with my colleagues to break down barriers to higher education, particularly for immigrant communities,” said Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou. “I stand with advocates in support of college affordability and greater access to higher education, regardless of one’s economic or immigration status.”


Diana Richardson.png


Diana C. Richardson | Assembly District 43

“In NYS access to higher education is vital, now more than ever before. With more college students graduating in NYS than at any other time, it is our responsibility to address the unsurmountable school loan debt these students are burdened with when they return to our communities. As a college Graduate and as a progressive I stand with students advocating for their futures. I support CORE because equity, particularly educational equity, is at the CORE of who we are as New Yorkers.”